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An alternative to therapy, healing with horses is a place to just get away from all the pressure, even the pressure to get better.
 Something as simple as "just being", connects you to yourself, reignites your spirit, heals you in nature, and the horses teach you all you need to know to heal.

It is very difficult to have insights and breakthroughs when one is in a chaotic or low state of being.  Teens especially, often become very resistant to the pressure to heal or do better in traditional clinical settings.  

Our approach is one of a safe, unconditionally loving, and deeply connected space.   The horses never judge who  you are, what you have or haven't done, or your GPA.  They just  " be, love, and play", in a groundedness inherent in their survival skills.   When was the last time you spent time in wonder and play?


This natural calm seeps into us and our nervous systems rebalance, relaxing us into our own wisdom and insights. We become empowered to the keys to our own mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  We believe that we all have the ability to naturally gravitate to wellness.  We help you become empowered to wellness.

Everyone needs a place to have "no try" and "just be".  Tasks with the horses help us have experiences that give us skills, self mastery, field or social savvy, and a myriad of other confidence building experiences that show us the rightness of who we are and how good life actually is.  We gain skills of wisdom, resilience, as well as leadership, compassion and deep connection. Most importantly we can experience the concept of paradigm or perception.

How we see the world is how the world feels.


In nature with horses we can see truth that just can't be understood fully, through the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in a clinical setting.  Healing must include somatic (of the body) knowing and healing.  The energy of connection with horses and nature is all somatic, where healing is happening in your body simply by being here.

There are miracles around us all the time, and here you can learn to see them.  Our aim is to help each who comes to us, to live predominantly in that miracle realm. And when you do, everything changes.

My  skills and trainings as an intuitive, spiritual specialist,  and professional coach, helps you heal, make clear and aligned decisions, define your next steps that integrate life purpose, so that you can start living with meaning and difference making at any age. 


People with anxiety learn to recalibrate.

People with sadness and seeing themselves and life as a failure can't help but start to see their own beauty and the magnificence of life.


Learn to drop the self protective tendencies that limit your life, and through the horses you open up and experience deep love and connection  that creates a natural, recalibration of your nervous system, and quiets your mind.  Insights wisdom and clarity become your guiding principles vs fear, safety and control.  Presence becomes delicious and escapism uninteresting.   

Instead of turning to drugs, risky behavior, self harm or other escapism choices, we give you a place to turn inside, and connect to the love of a horse, a coach, and nature to teach you to manage what is difficult for you.

Become inspired how our blind or disabled horses exist not only with joy and beauty everyday, but also still have a love of life and service to others no matter what.

Whether one on one or in a group, developing  a close bond with a horse and practicing your social, mental and emotional skills with the horses will develop skills that enable you to help everything go better.

This is not hard work, or sad work.  This is deeply enriching connection that you can grow from and heal...

An experience of a lifetime.

 It is an amazing and unique experience on your journey to find your true self. 


Come with an open mind, and like me, you will leave with a calm and peace in your soul that will stay with you days to follow. 


My Coach Carla session along with her horses left me with a feeling of euphoria and peace that helped make my daily routine flow more smoothly. 


Following my session, as chaos tried to creep back into my life, my unconscious intention sweetly returned me to the moments spent with the horses in just being. 


My situation did not change, my attitude did.  The experience is very powerful and unique to each individual’s needs. 


LK participant in Healing Workshop



Our purpose together is to help you feel very alive and in charge of your life...
  • Current circumstances in no way predict what you are capable of, or what's possible.
  • Learn how the state of mind you are in is crucial to making great decisions.
  • Gain tools to shift your state of mind and being no matter what is happening.
If you are struggling with a relationship in your life, you likely have some ownership in how it's going.  Working with the horses is a sacred and experiential space to learn about "you" in relationships.
  • Whether mother daugher or partner to partner the horses can help you both develop skills of communication, awareness, timing, in relationships.
  • Interpersonal skills learned at the barn translate directly to all areas of life including work, school, and family.
  • Practice with the horses provides an experiential somatic anchor that opens your heart and soul to aligning with anything in life.



  • Ages 8 and up

  • Individuals  

  • Groups  

  • Families 

  • Parents

  • Couples 

  • Mother/Daughter

  • Siblings

  • Corporate Execs

  • Teams

What's your story now?
What would you desire it to be?

Here Coach Howard is releasing the stress his body is taking on from a client standing near him in reflection.  He yawned about a dozen times...

Horses need to constantly calibrate to a grounded awareness as a means of survival.  They have to know if danger is nearby.  

The results for clients is that their energy recalibrates yours, opening you up to insights and healing.

Here Magic is imparting Wisdom in deep connection with a client during a group reflective session.  The Wisdom in a horses' eye is profound and when you take the time to tap in and connect in that way, life clarity and wisdom changes everything for you!