About Carla

 Intuitive Wisdom Life & Business Coaching & Healing
I'm here to help you do one thing..LIVE BETTER!
I am in the business of ending suffering and creating a powerful life as exactly who you are.
Whatever you want to call that driving force in all of life, God, Allah, Universe, Jesus, Buddha, 
There is gold and perfection in each of us and I am committed to helping you know that, and to help bring your unique talents to life and difference making.
My abilities "beyond" the physical, are not for psychic telling, but to be used to help you, the sensitive, different, brilliant, and talented, to deliver your highest potential to yourself and all of us in this life. 
What could be better than bringing your heart and soul to the practical work of living your life?
Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual "dis" ease can be shifted by learning to focus on strengths, goodness, and applying your unique skills to making a difference and connecting deeply to all of life.
To say it in a spiritual paradigm, "the way out of darkness is to turn on the light!"  
I firmly know that the way through sadness and challenge is to release what holds us there and crack the door, moment by moment, session by session, day by day, to the goodness of life and strengths within you.  My intuitive healing can help with those releases as do the horses.
Depression is often simply the gap between where you are and what you are capable of.  The bigger the gap the more we turn to escapism behaviors.  We close that gap.  And you heal a little bit every time you focus on what's good and what you CAN do. (when someone is clinically depressed, meaning having chemical imbalance, they are referred to a Psychiatrist), but developing one's skillset and  spiritual paradigm, and perceptions, as well as aligning their life choices and strengthening the ability to deliver their talents, can really reduce or delete depression based more in situational causes.
Fear and anxiety are complicated.  Over time, they live and are triggered subconsciously in the body's limbic system, and become a "reactive habit" to a thought or occurrence, or often we don't even logically know the trigger.    When deeply habituated, the body starts to think the mind.  A trigger occurs, the body secretes hormones that create a feeling of panic, and then the "on " button of thought spin takes over and one is fully on the way to a panic attack. It's scary and it's real, and it feels like it's out of one's control.
The work with horses helps educate you and gives you experience and mastery of the somatic responses happening, as well as how to recalibrate your body responses and mind chatter to become closer to a state of homeostasis.   We work to discover the core "orientation" and set a new somatic anchor thus working at the base of the limbic response vs a focus on coping.   This is powerful work and is based in science and energy. Horses are fast becoming the go to therapy for PTSD.  They, as a way of survival have to "recalibrate" as a herd to a homeostasis of calm and aware.  Thus they have powerful techniques to shed the stressful "flight" hormones and quickly release to calm. This model works for us as well when in their presence.  
As a Professional Life Coach and Intuitive Healer, and Spiritual Specialist, I know how to help you get out of your own way in all levels of existence,  and create your life to be what you really really want it to be.  
You feel better AND do better resulting in happiness, connectedness, and a great skillset to connect deeply to others and accomplish great things in your life as exactly who you are.
I love to uncover your "sweet spot"  create it so you are living, aligned with your natural talents and ways of funcioning.  This is a key principle to fulfilled and happy living.
As an intuitive, I can help you learn you tap in to your own wisdom, and learn how to use it in the practical everyday decision making.  Every decision is a stepping stone to your accomplishments.
Sometimes we are just too sad and stuck to move forward.  Healing sessions help you release what is limiting you, as well as giving you tools to stay open, in flow,  and more excited about your life.
I specialize in helping those who feel different.  My clients are usually highly sensitive, highly intelligent with brains that seem to go faster than the world does, and they have simply not learned to take this sensitivity to be used as a tool in life, but instead are more like a "walking wound," being effected deeply by life's occurrences, and people.  
They are often quirky learners and unique functioners, who are brilliant but maybe struggle in getting things done as everyone else does.  I have direct intimate experience and understanding of how to help you succeed.  
Feeling wrong on one's own skin is  very common for those who are sensitive and different.  We don't fit and struggle to accomplish in traditional ways. However the truth is, we just might be the next highest version of human being, and have skills to thrive way beyond what is typical.  I can help us be and accomplish that!
Working with the horses is a beautiful practice ground for learning and growing through experiences, practicing new skills and healing.  
We offer single coaching sessions and longer term packages, to workshops, online classes, groups, and off sites for corporations and families, I hope you can find exactly what you need to get busy living better, a lot better.
Much Love, Wisdom, and Respect,



When I was a little girl, I could feel the essence of the wood in my parent's coffee table.  Animals would talk to me, and I somehow would know what people were thinking but not saying. 


 Yup I was officially weird.

Or was I?

Maybe these sensitivities and "awarenesses beyond" traditional sensory knowing and perceiving was a powerful skill!

Awareness often gets lumped into the New Age Spiritual world of Ceremony, Psychic Readings,  and things that feel like "witchery."  That's one approach.

But a more powerful one, is to put our awareness to work in making powerful decisions because we are aware of the depths of a person, a situation, and have a feel for what is trying to be developed as a future accomplishment.

We have super powers in knowing trends before they happen, in aligning someone to their highest potential, and in helping people relate deeply and co create powerfully in relationships, life and work.

I call it "applied wisdom" and our super fast, super intelligent person and child of today's world has a powerful secret weapon of awareness, but they are not taught to use it.  If one is super sensitive, they live in a barrage of sensory and information overload.  The result is a sort of misaligned existence where they become defensive and protective and struggle to find their path and power.

I have learned how to put my awarenesses to work for great decisions and creating my life to be what I want. It's been a long road of 57 years of a lot of pain, but also a lot of accomplishment!  Now I am dedicated to help those sensitive, highly intelligent, fast brained people of today become our next leaders, high accomplishers and happy, deeply connected people.

The horse is our partner in learning.  Carefully crafted and expertly facilitated experiences with horses in not only a portal to one's return to wellness, but one's development of powerful success.  It's fun and deeply enriching.

So whatever you are struggling with, or maybe just desiring but can't make it happen, we can help you decipher your knowing and put it into action, through insights and learning with these facilitated sessions.

Those who chose to work with me, get to receive the power of 57 years of being an uber sensitive aware, but also a powerful accomplisher in life.  My life experience coupled with my training and professional experience now provides you with a beautiful experiential catalyst to change and putting your life into a trajectory of love, connection, joy and accomplishment as exactly who you are.

I am a weirdo...