Suffering is optional!

Bad stuff happens. Maybe even you, the perfect one did something that hurt someone or was an action less than your own expectation of your highest self. How can we move through challenge, disappointment, and even tragedy?

The way out is always through. We have to feel the feelings and be with how we are feeling about what happened. long that takes, and how low we go, is completely, totally, up to you.

It's all based in your thinking.

I just lost a horse right? She was very sick very quickly. It was sad to lose her.

But it was what it was.

And she was suffering.

And as long as I stay away from the dreaded "should's" I give myself a wider space to heal.

She should not have gotten sick so young.

She should not have suffered.

She should not have gotten sick.

etc etc etc

That is all what I call MIND, MIND, MIND. A self imposed thought spin that I create to wallow myself lower in the elixir of sadness.

Imagine a big box that you can step into. I call it the suffering box. Yup something happened and it hurts, so you automatically step into the suffering box and have a seat.

Tears, regret, remorse, and wishing it didn't happen all occur in that suffering box. It isn't fun, but it is done. What has happened has happened.


What you choooose to do about what happens and how long you choooose to suffer, and how deeply you choooose to suffer is all a choice you make.

It might feel wrong to move through a wrongdoing to fast. Great, so be aware that it's not time to move through yet and chooose that.

Or you could also forgive and love yourself...

yes love yourself... the wrongdoer,

by choooosing to be sad for a bit and then

Step out! Step out of that suffering box, and heal yourself. For prolonging the sadness of what has occurred, changes nothing.

But staying in sad, negative thinking affects a lot of things like :

Your health

Your abilty to get things done


You are wasting your precious breaths chooosing to suffer for too long.

Trust yourself, and allow yourself to love yourself and heal yourself.

You are here to move forward, serve others with your unique talents, and to grow from mistake. Yes you are here to make mistakes. They are gifts disguised as icks.

And when you can gain that perspective, you can step out of that suffering box a lot sooner and move forward with your new wisdom to more profound delivery of your unique service. You can get on with your difference making.

And your difference making, all starts with how vibrantly, radiantly you show up.

So, if you are "dealing" with something difficult, remember you own it. And if you want to make things as right as possible, heal yourself as quickly as possible and bring your light back to us! We are all waiting for you!

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