You cannot OM your way to Wealth & Happiness...Bringing the "Woo to the Do".

I have a different view of spirituality. As an undiagnosed "sensitive" psychic, intuitive, and feeler of all things unseen, I lived in a lot of confused pain for much of my life. Everything hurt but I was misconstruing why.

I made it all about me and my wrongness. But then

As I discovered my "gifts" and "sensitivities" I was introduced to the world of new age spirituality.

Finally! It all made sense. So I jumped in with both feet. I discovered verbal energy clearing, a practice seemingly so weird, yet resultingly so powerful, that I aborbed it like an obsessed student seeking Suma cum Laude...

I got really good at it. I can take away your pain and many other mysterious doings...

But at the end of a few years of study, I realized something...


So the pattern was, get out of pain by doing lots of clearings, and be buzzing with joy and excitement. Then to return to life, and my life with Autism is challenging, my joy would pop like a giant balloon.


I would be needing more clearing. I was not able to integrate my higher vibratory, expansive, buzzing state into my life. My habits of living were negative. My habits of doing were negative and stuck. My habits of thinking were like an open faucet that poured my positive energy down the drain. Thus I was stuck needing constant clearing or energetic resets.

I was like a gerbil on a hamster wheel...

Where was the flow? When would the pain stop? How do I get off the roller coaster?

I too am a type A accomplisher. I'll get it done damnit. I will be the best damnit. I will win damnit! Yes I got things done, everything done, but with this urgent, edgy, miserable air of unhappiness and unbelonging.

Then through obsessive search for that answer, I found the key. Flow lies in the art, skill, and energetic muscle to undo negative habits of thinking and being when in action, when making decisions, and when being with others. Flow also lies in committed deep focus, periods of intense doing, uninterrupted, and on point with what I want.

As I uncovered this, everything started to shift. My flow was more seamless, my expansive flowy energy more consistent. Thus not only my results, but the joy and ease in creating them, the fulifllment of being happy most of the time, accelerated everything.

Now I have skill, insight, energetic muscle, and the understanding of how to integrate it all. AND I have mad skills to move that stuck energy. That combined with my horses is a powerful experience. You leave us feeling so much better and have no clue why...

The joy and the mission for all of us is in bringing our higher state to our accomplishing in the physical reality, here on earth, with others, with love, passion, excitement, and clarity of our unique talent and mission. That is where our clarity and guidance exists.

I call it woo to the do.

So if you are stuck in healing, call me.

And if you are doing with misery and need to integrate a higher state of being and thinking to your accomplishing call me.

Integration changes everything.

Bring the woo to the do...

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