How Free Are You in Relationships? What is a fully empowered connection?

You are the source of your own happiness. As soon as you know this, you will stop projecting your joy elsewhere.

As soon as you heal inside, you will stop "needing" and instead "choose" to have a powerful resonant experience, clear of all manipulation to get what you think you need.

This is all subtle. You are not even likely aware of how much you "need" and think you can "find" in your relationships, vs choosing to "co experience" together.

Attachments are misplaced happiness. You are actively projecting your "okayness" onto things that have absolutely no ability to give you what you already have...

Experiencing life becomes a playground of love and resonance, each in full permission to be who they are, and in absolute trust that it's all unfolding perfectly.

You have all the power. I have all the power. Everyone has all the power.

Our job is to release it...for ourselves and for those with whom we cross paths.

When you heal inside, every encounter with another, every breath is filled with empowerment, love of ourselves, love of other selves, because we can fully accept anything anyone is, and anything we are.

We need nothing else..

We all become free...

We all become love..

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