Applied Wisdom

Spiritual Growth meets application in real life

I am a modern mystic and founder of "Functional Mysticism, or for those less woo, Applied Wisdom.   To me there are two main categories and we each fall a bit heavier into one side or the other.

  • Accomplishers/Get it Doners in life, rarely pause to tap into their own truths or value aligning their word and money making with their life purpose. The results is eventual burnout, or even depression and anxiety from leaving the meaning in life rather dormant in favor of accomplishing in work.

  • Spirituals - Usually very highly sensitive people, spirituals are very defined by their commitment to internal balance and healing.  The world hurts the sensitive spirituals so they are forced to become very spiritually savvy to heal what is hurting them everyday. Constant rebalancing from the difficulty of life is imperative.  Rarely to spirituals reach "life potential."  The focus of time and energy is on healing, thus they are creating endless need to heal. Life rarely looks great.  Commonly there is money lack ( a value in spiritual communities that money is evil) and their deep feeling of everything keeps them limited in their accomplishing.


The Functional Mystic has balance!  The accomplishers become aligned in their meaning and purpose and integrate it with their accomplishing.  The Spirituals learn how they create their need to heal, and get aligned with their life's work and purpose, more free to integrate the two key parts of life.

The Modern Functional Mystic is able to partner seamlessly with guidance from higher realms, and then dip down into the physical world and delightfully create!  This zig zag between non tangible spaces and actual physical creation is an on purpose mastery that brings life into a seamless flow.

The result is that life circumstances start to match your expanded state creating a constant and consistent upward spiral.  

My intuitive gifts are based energetic awareness of one's fields, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, as well as the often forgotten field of all that is, the external field of what is happening energetically in every situation.  This external field of "WE"  is an often forgotten area of expertise that is imperative to making great decisions and taking succinct action.  


When we work together with the horses, I am able to tap in with your guidance as well as help you develop  your skills to live a highly guided, fully actualized life.


You become your own guru, a "You ru!" 


This is FLOW, that experience of life where things just seem to arrive.  Where vision and missions are clear and aligned with the best of you, and where life's highest experience and accomplishing come with ease, creativity, joy and delight!


Life gets accelerated, ease filled, and feels clear and on purpose.

Dreams become projects...

Spiritual context, suffering is optional.


Your spiritual context is the foundation for everything else.   Suffering is optional! How you believe life works, what life is about, and your role in your life, is the place from where you build your life.  Without a solid foundation, without a mindset of miracles everywhere, life feels  very random, unstable, as if the ground upon which you walk, is unpredictable, and scary.


  • Spiritual Grounding is where inner stability is created.

  • Life's Mission or purpose is grounded in your spiritual understanding.

  • We all have a felt sense of alighnment, or flow that feels easeful and effortless.

  • When we find flow, and align with our sweet spot talents and purpose, life gets really interesting, fun, lit up , and creative.

  • Your higher mission to serve others merely by being your best self, is where happiness lies.

  • Applied wisdom, is flow, living with clarity, service, and alignment with who you truly are and what you are here to do.