• Individual Relationships

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Sibling challenges

  • Marital Challenges

  • Social Challenges

  • Family Dynamic


No other place is as safe, and profound in teaching Social Skills and Relationship skills, than in interactions with horses.  Social Savvy with Horses and Relational Savvy with horses are programs designed to give direct feedback  on their interpersonal styles, strengths and defecits.  Then we strategize and practice to develop skills in areas of weakness and of  strengths.  


Relationships are instantly transformed to being more loving and accepting.


Non Verbal and Intuitive skills explode, resulting in great success in all areas of relationships.




Corporate Teams
& Execs


  • Team Dysfunction

  • Executive Team Dysfunction

  • Leadership Style

  • Becoming a flexible Sales person

  • Work Relationship Healing

  • Brainstorm sessions

  • Clarity Sessions


Offsites often are great information but when you return to the office on Monday nothing is very different.  


This offsite is experienced based.  Thus you get to practice in real time, things like interaction style, or how you lead, or what the core of your team's dysfunction is and how to fix it.


Your eyes become wide open with these realizations, and thus new doorways occur that create profound change.


The Herd is a powerful model for the corporation, with leaders, and followers who are all empowered to their unique part of making it all successful.



Development in the ability to be aware of:

  • Social context

  • Non verbal social cues

  • Maleability in conversation

  • Curiosity of other in conversation 

  • Confidence

  • Emotional Maleability

  • Flexible thinking

  • Spacial Awareness



Just working with horses provides a deep sense of connection with others that is often elusive for those on the Spectrum or with ADD.   This ability to connect with the horses translates directly to relationships.


Because this work is experiential it inherently provides an anchor of learning that can then be remembered and applied "in the moment" in real life outside the farm.